Q.  Does The Lunker Lure really work and catch fish?

A. Yes it really works!  Please check out our happy customer reviews and picture testimonials here.

Q. Will the lure break when a Big Fish strikes it?

A.  No.  The lure is constructed with a dense hard plastic and held together with a kevlar braided band that's rated up to 300 lb. tensile strength.

Q. What happens if I get a snag and lose my lure?

A.  No need to worry about that anymore...You can check out my Lure Retriever here. Specifically designed to de-snag your lures and safely retrieve them!

Q.  Do you have any other shapes, sizes, colors of lures?

A.  Yes we offer a very wide variety for the most avid of fisherman. Whatever species of fish you are in pursuit of or trying to target. We can Match the Hatch, and help you select the lure of choice in our product collections here.  

Q.  Does the lure sink or float?

A. It's a slow moderate sink so that you can fish the entire water column.  Whether it's top water fishing with a quicker retrieve of the lure holding the rod tip up high.  Or working the bottom with a slower retrieve.  To learn more about advanced fishing techniques and tricks you can check out my book "Ultimate Fishing Skills" here.

Q.  Does it make noise, or have rattles inside the lure?

A.  Yes.  There are rattles built inside that generate vibration through out the water column to attract fish!

Q.  Does it have fish attractant?

A.  Yes.  All the lures come pre-loaded with fish attractant.  A special blend of amino acids and fish pheromones that trigger the predatory instinct of game fish to strike!

Q.  What kind of hooks do you use?

A.  Gamakatsu razor sharp trebles with proper size matched to weight of the specific lure.

Q. How much does your lure weigh?

A.  Depending on the size the lures weigh in at anywhere from a range of 1 oz. or more.

Q.  Is it a Saltwater or Freshwater lure?

A.  These lures are made for both types of water.  We have made a spei