Gold Spinning Reel
Gold Spinning Reel

Gold Spinning Reel

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This is my top of the line reel I offer.  It has 9 titanium ball bearings and an Ergonimic machined handle grip, no more slippage when reeling in those Trophy Fish!  

The spool head has reverse thread that pulls apart into two pieces so that you can replace your fishing line a matter of seconds.  No more annoying line twist because the spools head is also engineered with cut out grooves shaped like fins.  

This special design creates less drag versus a traditionally round spool head, because there is less surface area to cause friction and drag.  

All this means you cast further and more accurate!  An no more line twisting into annoying knots when the bite is hot!


  • Rod Sock to protect your precious reel.
  • Custom wooden bod with brass plates and magnetic clasped lid.
  • Fish pin for extra Good Luck!