Trout Master

Trout Master

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Pushing the limits of realism:  The Lunker Lure features a multi-jointed construction and true-to-life details that puts it in a Class all of its own. 

Built with nine separate segments:  The Lunker Lure generates a smooth S-shaped swimming action that can be used to target every species and provoke the predatory instinct of fish throughout the water column. 

Connected using a technologically advanced jointing system: Held together with a Kevlar Band and High-Density Polycarbonate, this lure will hold up to strong bites and is built to last.  The Lunker Lure offers increased flexibility that enhances action and provides the durability needed for trophy-sized Fish when they strike. 

Preloaded with a Natural Fish Scent & Attractant:  Is a precise combination of secret ingredients that TRIGGER the ATTACK-and-DESTROY behavior of the central nervous system of fish. Because they smell like the real thing, fish won't let go until you've caught them.

Genetic Response Rattle Technology: Promote the Predatory instinct of Fish DNA to instinctively strike at the lure by sending out a vibration in the water column.

Taking lifelike detailing to the next level:  The Lunker Lure features a realistic shaped tail, 3D eyes, and jaw-dropping finishes. Outfitted with two razor-sharp treble hooks, the Lure delivers a dead-on Northern Pike imitation that will have your livewell overflowing.

Easy to use: "Just Cast it out, And Fish Bring it Back!"